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Baby Presents


$60 per person

You are having a baby.  Congratulations!

Let Paint and Sip celebrate with you, and we will ensure that your baby shower is the best with games, prizes, amazing back drops and more...

Choosing to have your Baby Shower at our studio will include magnificent backdrops, food, drink, amazing games, prizes and a fun atmosphere.  You will not be disappointed.

We also supply everything you need to paint your baby onesie, bib or singlet; you have a choice.  We also provide you with aprons, easels, paints, brushes etc.  We also have secret upgrades on the day to choose from.

But if you prefer not to work with paint, because it can be messy, we offer fabric washable, non-toxic marker pens, which are so much easier to use.

You can bring along anything you want, and you can arrive early to put up your own decoration.

We recommend a visit to our studio so you can see what we have planned and to discuss anything that you would like to add to make your baby shower an everlasting memory.

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